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Did you mean: to wish to dash to cash to gash to hash to ask to watch to ease ?

to wash / to bathe / to develop (photo)
淘汰 táo tài to wash out / (fig.) to cull / to weed out / to eliminate / to die out / to phase out
rǎn to dye / to catch (a disease) / to acquire (bad habits etc) / to contaminate / to add color washes to a painting
táo to wash / to clean out / to cleanse / to eliminate / to dredge
清洗 qīng to wash / to clean / to purge
渲染 xuàn rǎn rendering (computing) / to add washes of ink or color to a drawing (Chinese painting) / to exaggerate / to embellish
洗手 shǒu to wash one's hands / to go to the toilet
洗涤 to rinse / to wash / washing
dàng to wash / to squander / to sweep away / to move / to shake / dissolute / pond
fertile / rich / to irrigate / to wash (of river)
缩水 suō shuǐ to shrink (in the wash) / fig. to shrink (of profits etc)
冲洗 chōng to rinse / to wash / to develop (photographic film)
洗净 jìng to wash clean
洗脸 liǎn to wash your face
洗头 tóu to wash one's hair / to have a shampoo
huàn to wash / to rinse / any of three 10-day division of the month (during Tang dynasty) / Taiwan pr. [huan3] / also pr. [wan3]
to wash / to cleanse
冲刷 chōng shuā to cleanse / to scrub / to scour / to wash down / to erode / to wash away
晕染 yùn rǎn to smudge (become smeared) / to smudge (create a blurred effect) / shading (wash painting technique)
流失 liú shī (of soil etc) to wash away / to be eroded / (fig.) (of talented staff, followers of a religious faith, investment funds etc) to go elsewhere / to fail to be retained
擦洗 to clean (with water or alcohol) / to wipe and wash / to swab / to scrub
拆洗 chāi to unpick and wash (e.g. padded garment)
甩手 shuǎi shǒu to swing one's arms / to wash one's hands of sth
洗碗 wǎn to wash the dishes
盥洗 guàn to wash up / to freshen up

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