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Did you mean: to gag to sag to tag to wax to wash to sway to say to dig ?

diào to fall / to drop / to lag behind / to lose / to go missing / to reduce / fall (in prices) / to lose (value, weight etc) / to wag / to swing / to turn / to change / to exchange / to swap / to show off / to shed (hair) / (used after certain verbs to express completion, fulfillment, removal etc)
议论纷纷 lùn fēn fēn to discuss spiritedly (idiom) / tongues are wagging
摇尾乞怜 yáo wěi lián lit. to behave like a dog wagging its tail, seeking its master's affection (idiom) / fig. to fawn on sb / to bow and scrape / to grovel
鼓舌 shé to wag one's tongue / to speak glibly
摇头摆尾 yáo tóu bǎi wěi to nod one's head and wag one's tail (idiom) / to be well pleased with oneself / to have a lighthearted air
动嘴皮 dòng zuǐ to move one's lips / to wag one's tongue
狗扯羊皮 gǒu chě yáng to fuss around / to buzz about uselessly / to wag one's tongue
耍贫嘴 shuǎ pín zuǐ (coll.) to wag one's tongue / to indulge in idle gossip and silly jokes / to chatter endlessly / to speak glibly

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