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Did you mean: to cease to ease to take to teach to chase to task ?

dòu to tease (playfully); to entice / (coll.) to joke / (coll.) funny; amusing / to stay; to sojourn / brief pause at the end of a phrase (variant of 讀|读[dou4])
调侃 tiáo kǎn to ridicule / to tease / to mock / idle talk / chitchat
开胃 kāi wèi to whet the appetite / appetizing / to amuse oneself at sb's expense / to tease
逗弄 dòu nòng to tease / to provoke / to play with (a child, animal etc)
挑逗 tiǎo dòu to provoke / to entice / to lure / to tantalize / to tease / to titillate
戏弄 nòng to play tricks on / to make fun of / to tease
戏耍 shuǎ to amuse oneself / to play with / to tease
嘲弄 cháo nòng to tease / to poke fun at / to make fun of
取笑 xiào to tease; to make fun of
撩拨 liáo to provoke / to tease
nǎo to tease; to play around with
liáo to tease / to provoke / to stir up (emotions)
xuè joy / to joke / to banter / to tease / to mock / Taiwan pr. [nu:e4]
调笑 tiáo xiào to tease / to poke fun at
逗趣 dòu to amuse / to make sb laugh / to tease
niǎo to tease / to disturb
耍猴 shuǎ hóu to get a monkey to perform tricks / to put on a monkey show / to make fun of sb / to tease
作弄 zuò nòng to tease / to play tricks on
捉弄 zhuō nòng to tease
挑弄 tiǎo nòng to incite / to provoke / to tease
引逗 yǐn dòu to tantalize / to lead on / to tease
调弄 tiáo nòng to tease / to make fun of / to provoke / to stir up (trouble)
撩惹 liáo to provoke / to tease
撩逗 liáo dòu to provoke / to tease
吃豆腐 chī dòu fu to take liberties with (a woman) / to tease with sexual innuendo / to sexually harass / to take advantage of sb

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