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Did you mean: to tease to touch to attach to coach to tack to etch to thatch ?

jiāo to teach
教育 jiào to educate / to teach / education
传授 chuán shòu to impart; to pass on; to teach
教学 jiāo xué to teach (as a professor)
xùn to teach / to train / to admonish / instruction (from superiors) / teachings / rule
上课 shàng to go to class / to attend class / to go to teach a class
教会 jiāo huì to show / to teach
函授 hán shòu to teach by correspondence
shòu (bound form) to confer; to give / (bound form) to teach; to instruct / (literary) to appoint
授课 shòu to teach / to give lessons
教导 jiào dǎo to instruct / to teach / guidance / teaching
传人 chuán rén to teach / to impart / a disciple / descendant
huì to teach / to instruct / to induce
调教 tiáo jiào to instruct / to teach / to train / to raise (livestock)
管教 guǎn jiào to discipline / to teach / to guarantee
面授 miàn shòu to teach face to face; to instruct in person
讲授 jiǎng shòu to lecture; to teach
灌注 guàn zhù to pour into / perfusion (med.) / to concentrate one's attention on / to teach / to inculcate / to instill
执教 zhí jiào to teach / to be a teacher / to train / to coach
教书 jiāo shū to teach (in a school)
因材施教 yīn cái shī jiào (idiom) to teach in line with the student's ability
言传身教 yán chuán shēn jiào to teach by words and example (idiom)
灌输 guàn shū to imbue with / to inculcate / to instill into / to teach / to impart / to channel water to another place
代课 dài to teach as substitute for absent teacher
授业 shòu to teach / to bequeath

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