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Did you mean: to say to soak to assay to sag to saw to wag to wax ?

huàng to sway / to shake / to wander about
摇摆 yáo bǎi to sway / to wobble / to waver
忽悠 you to rock / to sway / to flicker (e.g. of lights reflected on water) / to flutter (e.g. of a flag) / to trick sb into doing sth / to dupe / to con
qiàng stagger / sway from side to side
动摇 dòng yáo to sway / to waver / to rock / to rattle / to destabilize / to pose a challenge to
晃动 huàng dòng to sway / to rock
摇曳 yáo to sway gently (as in the wind); (of a flame) to flicker
摇晃 yáo huàng to rock; to shake; to sway
摆动 bǎi dòng to sway / to swing / to move back and forth / to oscillate
婆娑 suō to swirl about / (of leaves and branches) to sway
晃悠 huàng you to swing / to sway / to wobble / to hang around / to hover around
摇动 yáo dòng to shake / to sway
飘忽 piāo swiftly moving / fleet / to sway
招展 zhāo zhǎn to flutter / to sway
liàng stagger / sway from side to side
晃荡 huàng dang to rock / to sway / to shake
东倒西歪 dōng dǎo wāi to lean unsteadily from side to side (idiom) / to sway / (of buildings etc) to lean at a crazy angle
zhǎn to sway in the wind
dàng to fall / to sway / to cross
to shake / to sway
前仰后合 qián yǎng hòu to sway to and fro / to rock back and forth
拂动 dòng (of a breeze) to make (hair, leaves, clothing etc) sway gently / to ruffle
扭腰 niǔ yāo to sway one's hips / to twist one's waist
扭摆 niǔ bǎi to twist and sway (one's body)
摆荡 bǎi dàng to swing / to sway

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