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Did you mean: to sack to shuck to tuck to seek to soak to hack to sue to kick ?

to breathe / to suck in / to absorb / to inhale
吸血 xuè to suck blood
shǔn to suck
xùn to abdicate / modest / yielding / unpretentious / inferior to / (slang) to suck
suō to suck / Taiwan pr. [shuo4]
吸入 to breathe in / to suck in / to inhale
吸吮 shǔn to suck on (sth) / to suck in
suō to suck / used in 囉嗦|啰嗦[luo1suo5] / used in 哆嗦[duo1suo5]
吃奶 chī nǎi to suck the breast (for milk)
zuō (coll.) to suck
suō to suck / to incite
舔吮 tiǎn shǔn to lick and suck
shuò to suck / to drink
尝粪 chángfèn to taste a patient's excrement (a form of medical examination, seen as an act of loyalty or filial piety) / to suck up to sb; to kiss ass
吮吸 shǔn to suck
吸住 zhù to draw (towards) / to be drawn to / to be sucked in
拉交情 jiāo qing to try to form friendly ties with sb for one's own benefit / to suck up to sb
拉关系 guān to seek contact with sb for one's own benefit / to suck up to sb

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