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Did you mean: to seek to shake to sway to cook to say to sack to suck to coax ?

浸泡 jìn pào to steep / to soak / to immerse
pào bubble; foam / blister / to soak; to steep; to infuse / to dawdle; to loiter / to pick up (a girl) / to get off with (a sexual partner) / classifier for occurrences of an action / classifier for number of infusions
浸透 jìn tòu to soak; to saturate; to drench; to permeate
沉浸 chén jìn to soak / to permeate / to immerse
jìn to immerse / to soak / to steep / gradually
泡汤 pào tāng to dawdle / to go slow deliberately / to fizzle out / to have all one's hopes dashed / (Tw) to have a soak in a hot spring
to soak / to be stained / stain / floodwater
浸入 jìn to soak / to dip
浸渍 jìn to soak / to macerate
yīn to soak / to blotch / to splotch
wèn (literary) to wipe away (tears) / to press with one's fingers / to soak
浸种 jìn zhǒng to soak seeds (in water, to hasten germination, or in a chemical solution, to prevent damage from insects etc)
泡饭 pào fàn to soak cooked rice in soup or water / cooked rice reheated in boiling water
浸湿 jìn shī to soak / to saturate
lǎn to soak (fruits) in hot water or limewater to remove astringent taste / to marinate in salt etc / to pickle
泡脚 pào jiǎo to soak the feet
浸沉 jìn chén to soak / to steep
liàn (literary) to moisten; to wet; to soak in water
洇湿 yīn shī to soak
泡温泉 pào wēn quán to soak in a spa or hot spring
泡水 pào shuǐ to infuse / to soak in water

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