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Did you mean: to see to sow to saw to seek to show to use to say to sue ?

dìng to join things together by fixing them in place at one or more points / to nail / to pin / to staple / to sew on
féng to sew / to stitch
缝合 féng to sew together / suture (in surgery) / to sew up (a wound)
gōu to hook / to sew / to crochet / hook / check mark or tick / window catch
rèn to thread (a needle) / to sew; to stitch / (literary) very grateful
缝补 féng to darn (clothing) / to sew and mend
féng wide / to sew
zhuì to sew / to stitch together / to combine / to link / to connect / to put words together / to compose / to embellish
inner shirt / to sew onto clothing / see also 禢[Ta4]
缝纫 féng rèn to sew / tailoring
gǔn cord / embroidered sash / to sew
rèn to weave / to lay warp for weaving / silk thread for weaving / variant of 紉|纫, to sew / to stitch / thread
缝穷 féng qióng to sew and mend clothes for a pittance
缝絍 féng rèn to sew / to stitch
手缝 shǒu féng to sew by hand / hand-sewn
缝制 féng zhì to sew / to make (clothes, bedding)
liáo to wind round / to sew with slanting stitches

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