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Did you mean: to see to soak to sack to sew to suck to sue to deck ?

zhǎo to try to find / to look for / to call on sb / to find / to seek / to return / to give change
qiú to seek / to look for / to request / to demand / to beseech
diagram / picture / drawing / chart / map / CL:張|张[zhang1] / to plan / to scheme / to attempt / to pursue / to seek
追求 zhuī qiú to pursue (a goal etc) stubbornly / to seek after / to woo
寻找 xún zhǎo to seek; to look for
tóu to throw (sth in a specific direction: ball, javelin, grenade etc) / to cast (a ballot) / to cast (a glance, a shadow etc) / to put in (money for investment, a coin to operate a slot machine) / to send (a letter, a manuscript etc) / to throw oneself into (a river, a well etc to commit suicide) / to go to; to seek refuge; to place oneself into the hands of / (coll.) to rinse (clothes) in water
征求 zhēng qiú to solicit / to seek / to request (opinions, feedback etc) / to petition
寻求 xún qiú to seek; to look for
咨询 xún to consult / to seek advice / consultation / (sales) inquiry (formal)
求职 qiú zhí to seek employment
公示 gōng shì to make known to the public (for information or to seek comments) / public notification
yāo to invite / to request / to intercept / to solicit / to seek
xún to search / to look for / to seek
求学 qiú xué to pursue one's studies; to attend school / to seek knowledge
求证 qiú zhèng to seek proof / to seek confirmation
就诊 jiù zhěn to see a doctor / to seek medical advice
避难 nàn to take refuge; to seek asylum
实事求是 shí shì qiú shì lit. to seek truth from facts (idiom) / fig. to be practical and realistic
求救 qiú jiù to seek help (when in distress or having difficulties)
精益求精 jīng qiú jīng (idiom) to constantly seek to improve; to keep perfecting
谋求 móu qiú to seek; to strive for
投奔 tóu bèn to seek shelter / to seek asylum
探求 tàn qiú to seek / to pursue / to investigate
谋生 móu shēng to seek one's livelihood / to work to support oneself / to earn a living
捉迷藏 zhuō cáng to play hide-and-seek

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