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Did you mean: to suck to hack to tack to seek to ask to say to soak to kick ?

sàn to scatter / to break up (a meeting etc) / to disperse / to disseminate / to dispel / (coll.) to sack
解除 jiě chú to remove / to sack / to get rid of / to relieve (sb of their duties) / to free / to lift (an embargo) / to rescind (an agreement)
chǎo to sauté; to stir-fry / to speculate (in real estate etc); to scalp / to hype up / to sack; to fire (sb)
解雇 jiě to fire / to sack / to dismiss / to terminate employment
免职 miǎn zhí to relieve sb of his post / to sack / to demote / dismissal / sacking
落马 luò (lit.) to fall from a horse / (fig.) to suffer a setback / to come a cropper / to be sacked (e.g. for corruption)
革职 zhí to sack / to remove from a position / to depose
解聘 jiě pìn to dismiss an employee / to sack
撤职 chè zhí to eliminate / to sack / to remove from office
qiān short slender pointed piece of metal, bamboo etc / skewer / prod used to extract samples from sacks of grain etc / (dialect) to stick in / to bolt (a door) / to arrange (flowers in a vase) / to graft (tree) / to pedicure / to peel (an apple etc)
解职 jiě zhí to dismiss from office / to discharge / to sack
锦囊妙计 jǐn náng miào brocade sack of miracle plans (idiom); bag of tricks / fiendishly cunning masterplan (written out by strategic genius of fiction, and given to the local commander in a brocade bag)
炒鱿鱼 chǎo yóu (coll.) to fire sb / to sack sb
丢乌纱帽 diū shā mào lit. to lose one's black hat / to be sacked from an official post
免去职务 miǎn zhí to relieve from office / to sack
回家吃自己 huí jiā chī (coll.) (Tw) to get sacked / to be fired
扒屋牵牛 qiān niú to sack the home and lead off the cattle (proverb) / to strip of everything
卷铺盖 juǎn gài to pack and quit / to get the sack; to get fired

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