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Did you mean: to reset to rust to wrest tourist to resist to arrest to roast to trust ?

休息 xiū xi rest / to rest
chóng to repeat / repetition / again / re- / classifier: layer
xiǎng echo / sound / noise / to make a sound / to sound / to ring / loud / classifier for noises
quān circle / ring / loop / classifier for loops, orbits, laps of race etc / CL:個|个[ge4] / to surround / to circle
在于 zài to be in / to lie in / to consist in / to depend on / to rest with
píng to lean against / to rely on / on the basis of / no matter (how, what etc) / proof
xiē to rest / to take a break / to stop / to halt / (dialect) to sleep / a moment / a short while
jiè to guard against / to exhort / to admonish or warn / to give up or stop doing sth / Buddhist monastic discipline / ring (for a finger)
信赖 xìn lài to trust / to have confidence in / to have faith in / to rely on
依托 tuō to rely on / to depend on / support
依靠 kào to rely on sth (for support etc) / to depend on
振兴 zhèn xīng to revive / to revitalize / to invigorate / to re-energize
作息 zuò to work and rest
to lie on one's stomach / to lean forward, resting one's upper body (on a desktop etc) / (Tw) percent
镶嵌 xiāng qiàn to inlay / to embed / to set (e.g. a jewel in a ring) / tiling / tesselation
重点 chóng diǎn to recount (e.g. results of election) / to re-evaluate
Perilla frutescens (Chinese basil or wild red basil) / place name / to revive / used as phonetic in transliteration
tuō prop / support (for weight) / rest (e.g. arm rest) / thanks to / to hold in one's hand / to support in one's palm / to give / to base / to commit / to set / torr (unit of pressure)
huán ring / hoop / loop / (chain) link / classifier for scores in archery etc / to surround / to encircle / to hem in
lún wheel / disk / ring / steamship / to take turns / to rotate / by turn / classifier for big round objects: disk, or recurring events: round, turn
回复 huí to reply / to recover / to return (to a previous condition) / Re: in reply to (email)
breath / news / interest (on an investment or loan) / to cease / to stop / to rest / Taiwan pr. [xi2]
luò to fall or drop / (of the sun) to set / (of a tide) to go out / to lower / to decline or sink / to lag or fall behind / to fall onto / to rest with / to get or receive / to write down / whereabouts / settlement
为主 wéi zhǔ to rely mainly on / to attach most importance to
凭借 píng jiè to rely on / to depend on / by means of / thanks to / sth that one relies on
xiū to rest / to stop doing sth for a period of time / to cease / (imperative) don't
安心 ān xīn at ease / to feel relieved / to set one's mind at rest / to keep one's mind on sth
to perch / to rest (of birds) / to dwell / to live / to stay
zhěn pillow / to pillow / to rest one's head on (Taiwan pr. [zhen4] for this sense)
简谱 jiǎn music notation in which the notes Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La and Si are represented by numerals 1 to 7
停歇 tíng xiē to stop for a rest
zhàng weaponry / to hold (a weapon) / to wield / to rely on / to depend on / war / battle
yǎng to face upward / to look up / to admire / to rely on
离休 xiū to retire / to leave work and rest (euphemism for compulsory retirement of old cadres)
花红 huā hóng flowers on red silk (a traditional gift to celebrate weddings etc) / a bonus / crab apple (Malus asiatica)
to lean on / to rely upon
打爆 bào to blow out / to blow off / (computer games) to zap / (phone) to ring off the hook / to be jammed / to max out (credit card etc)
烧红 shāo hóng to heat until red-hot
赖以 lài to rely on / to depend on
出马 chū to set out (on a campaign) / to stand for election / to throw one's cap in the ring
熟读 shú to read and re-read sth until one is familiar with it
重审 chóng shěn to re-investigate / to investigate and reconsider a judgment
涨红 zhàng hóng to turn red (in the face) / to flush (with embarrassment or anger)
只管 zhǐ guǎn solely engrossed in one thing / just (one thing, no need to worry about the rest) / simply / by all means / please feel free / do not hesitate (to ask for sth)
通红 tōng hóng very red / red through and through / to blush (deep red)
调休 tiáo xiū to compensate for working on a holiday by resting on a workday / to compensate for resting on a workday by working on a holiday
闯红灯 chuǎng hóng dēng to run a red light / failing to stop at a red traffic light / (slang) to have sex with a girl while she is menstruating
发红 hóng to turn red / to blush / to flush
投靠 tóu kào to rely on help from sb
相依为命 xiāng wéi mìng mutually dependent for life (idiom); to rely upon one another for survival / interdependent
描红 miáo hóng to trace over red characters (as a method of learning to write)
应该的 yīng gāi de you're most welcome / sure thing! / I did what I was supposed to do
重新审视 chóng xīn shěn shì a re-examination / to have another look at sth
拼爹 pīn diē (slang) to rely on one's father's wealth or prestige to get ahead
休整 xiū zhěng to rest and reorganize (military)
仰仗 yǎng zhàng to rely on / to depend on
四大名著 míng zhù the Four Classic Novels of Chinese literature, namely: A Dream of Red Mansions 紅樓夢|红楼梦[Hong2 lou2 Meng4], Romance of Three Kingdoms 三國演義|三国演义[San1 guo2 Yan3 yi4], Water Margin 水滸傳|水浒传[Shui3 hu3 Zhuan4], Journey to the West 西遊記|西游记[Xi1 you2 Ji4]
红头文件 hóng tóu wén jiàn red-letterhead document, an official document with the name of the issuing government agency printed in red at the top, circulated to relevant bodies
红脸 hóng liǎn to blush / to turn red
劳逸结合 láo jié to strike a balance between work and rest (idiom)
红宝书 Hóng bǎo shū the "Little Red Book" of selected writings of Mao Zedong (refers to 毛主席語錄|毛主席语录[Mao2 Zhu3 xi2 Yu3 lu4])
将息 jiāng (literary) to rest / to recuperate
着落 zhuó luò whereabouts / place to settle / reliable source (of funds etc) / (of responsibility for a matter) to rest with sb / settlement / solution
小憩 xiǎo to rest for a bit / to take a breather
薪火相传 xīn huǒ xiāng chuán lit. the flame of a burning piece of firewood passes on to the rest (idiom) / fig. (of knowledge, skill etc) to be passed on from teachers to students, one generation to another
马不停蹄 tíng unrelenting / without stopping to rest
贾宝玉 Jiǎ Bǎo Jia Baoyu, male character in The Dream of Red Mansions, in love with his cousin Lin Daiyu 林黛玉 but obliged to marry Xue Baochai 薛寶釵|薛宝钗
有赖于 yǒu lài to rely on / to depend on
不分青红皂白 fēn qīng hóng zào bái not distinguishing red-green or black-white (idiom) / not to distinguish between right and wrong
溶血 róng xuè hemolysis (breakdown of red blood cells leading to anemia)
安息 ān to rest / to go to sleep / to rest in peace / (history) Parthia
不用客气 yòng qi you're welcome / don't mention it / no need to stand on ceremony
与世隔绝 shì jué to be cut off from the rest of the world (idiom)
饮酒作乐 yǐn jiǔ zuò drinking party / to go on a binge / to paint the town red
zuǎn to compile / bun (of hair) / red silk ribbon / variant of 纘|缵[zuan3]
厮守 shǒu to stay together / to rely on one another
to rely on / father (formal)
老本 lǎo běn capital / assets / savings / nest egg / (fig.) reputation / laurels (to rest upon) / old edition of a book / (tree) trunk
倚靠 kào to lean on / to rest against / to rely on / support / backing / back of a chair
歇息 xiē xi to have a rest / to stay for the night / to go to bed / to sleep
适可而止 shì ér zhǐ to stop before going too far (idiom); to stop while one can / don't overdo it / stop while you're ahead
红晕 hóng yùn to blush / to flush red
养神 yǎng shén to rest / to recuperate / to regain composure
shì to rely on / mother (formal)
高枕无忧 gāo zhěn yōu to sleep peacefully (idiom) / (fig.) to rest easy / to be free of worries
依仗 zhàng to count on / to rely on
仰人鼻息 yǎng rén to rely on others for the air one breathes (idiom); to depend on sb's whim for one's living
休憩 xiū to rest / to relax / to take a break
报帖 bào tiě to announce good news in red letters
凭靠 píng kào to use / to rely on / by means of
薛宝钗 Xuē Bǎo chāi Xue Baochai, female character in Dream of Red Mansions, married to Jia Baoyu 賈寶玉|贾宝玉
重估 chóng to re-evaluate
环围 huán wéi to form a ring around
红潮 hóng cháo to blush / flush / red tide (algal bloom) / menstruation
赤手空拳 chì shǒu kōng quán empty hand, empty fist (idiom); having nothing to rely on / unarmed and defenseless
无依无靠 kào no one to rely on (idiom); on one's own / orphaned / left to one's own devices
托腮 tuō sāi to rest one's chin in one's hand
to rest
扳指 bān zhǐ ornamental thumb ring (originally a ring, often made from jade, worn by archers in ancient times to protect the right thumb when drawing a bowstring)
飘忽不定 piāo dìng to drift without a resting place (idiom) / roving / errant / vagrant / erratic

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