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Did you mean: to tick to sack to hack to kiss to suck to dice to dock to tack ?

过瘾 guò yǐn to satisfy a craving / to get a kick out of sth / gratifying / immensely enjoyable / satisfying / fulfilling
射门 shè mén (soccer, handball etc) to kick or shoot the ball towards the goal
chuài to kick / to trample / to tread on
大喊大叫 hǎn jiào shouting and screaming (idiom); to scream loudly / to rant / to kick up a racket / to conduct vigorous propaganda
carefully / to kick / to tread on / to stamp
戒毒 jiè to kick a drug habit / to abstain from drugs
大脚 jiǎo naturally-formed feet (as opposed to bound feet 小腳|小脚[xiao3 jiao3]) / long kick (soccer) / Bigfoot (mythological animal)
tái to trample, to kick
蹦跶 bèng da (coll.) to jump about; to be active; to be lively / (coll.) (fig.) to struggle (before succumbing); to be alive and kicking (esp. toward the end of one's life)
开赛 kāi sài to start a match / the kick-off
毽子 jiàn zi a kind of shuttlecock used to play games in which it is kept in the air without using the hands, primarily by kicking / game played with such a shuttlecock
仗势欺人 zhàng shì rén to take advantage of one's position to bully people (idiom) / to kick people around
鼓噪 zào (in ancient times) to beat the drums and yell (at the moment of launching into battle) / to create a clamor; to make a din; to kick up a fuss about
jué to stumble / to trample / to kick (of horse)
to kick / to tread on
蹬腿 dēng tuǐ to kick one's legs / leg press (exercise) / (coll.) to kick the bucket
忘恩负义 wàng ēn to forget favors and violate justice (idiom); ingratitude to a friend / to kick a benefactor in the teeth
开球 kāi qiú open ball (math.) / to start a ball game / to kick off (soccer) / to tee off (golf)
拳打脚踢 quán jiǎo lit. to punch and kick (idiom); to beat up / fig. determined to sort out a problem
翘辫子 qiào biàn zi (coll.) to die / to kick the bucket
明升暗降 míng shēng àn jiàng (idiom) to kick sb upstairs
尥蹶子 liào juě zi (of mules, horses etc) to kick backward / to kick with the hind legs / fig. to flare up in anger / to display defiance
liào to give a backward kick (e.g. of a horse)
踢腿 tuǐ to kick; to do a kick (dancing, martial arts etc)
蹬脚 dēng jiǎo to stamp one's foot / to kick

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