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Did you mean: to yoke to take to choke to doze to jog to hike to ooze ?

笑话 xiào hua joke / jest / CL:個|个[ge4] / to laugh at / to mock
nào noisy / cacophonous / to make noise / to disturb / to vent (feelings) / to fall ill / to have an attack (of sickness) / to go in (for some activity) / to joke
玩笑 wán xiào to joke / joke / jest
开玩笑 kāi wán xiào to play a joke / to make fun of / to joke
恶作剧 è zuò practical joke / prank / to play a practical joke
当真 dàng zhēn to take seriously / serious / No joking, really!
gěng branch / stem / stalk / CL:根[gen1] / to block / to hinder / (neologism that evolved from 哏[gen2], initially in Taiwan, during the first decade of the 21st century) memorable creative idea (joke, catchphrase, meme, neologism, witty remark etc) / prominent feature of a creative work (punchline of a joke, trope in a drama, special ingredient in a dish, riff in a pop song etc)
说笑 shuō xiào to chat and laugh / to crack jokes / to banter
戏谑 xuè to banter / to crack jokes / to ridicule
笑料 xiào liào comedic material / (in reference to a person) laughingstock / butt of jokes
谈笑风生 tán xiào fēng shēng to talk cheerfully and wittily / to joke together
戏说 shuō dramatic form consisting of historical narration / history as jocular narrative / to stretch history for a joking story / amusing story with strained interpretations of history / to make an unreasonable comparison in jest
xuè joy / to joke / to banter / to tease / to mock / Taiwan pr. [nu:e4]
戏言 yán joking matter / to go back on one's words
说着玩 shuō zhe wán to say sth for fun / to be kidding / to joke around
打哈哈 ha to joke / to laugh insincerely / to make merry / to talk irrelevantly
闹着玩儿 nào zhe wánr to play games / to joke around / to play a joke on sb
毫无效果 háo xiào guǒ to no avail / achieving nothing / totally ineffective / to have no effect / to fall flat (esp. of joke or speech that is completely ignored)
逗哏 dòu gén funny man (lead role in comic dialogue 對口相聲|对口相声[dui4 kou3 xiang4 sheng1]) / to joke / to play the fool / to provoke laughter
耍贫嘴 shuǎ pín zuǐ (coll.) to wag one's tongue / to indulge in idle gossip and silly jokes / to chatter endlessly / to speak glibly
玩失踪 wán shī zōng to hide oneself (as a joke)
逗闷子 dòu mèn zi (dialect) to joke
笑点低 xiào diǎn amused by even the weakest joke / ready to laugh at the smallest thing
逗哈哈 dòu to joke / to crack a joke
打镲 chǎ (dialect) to joke / to make fun of (sb)

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