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Did you mean: to hog to dig to sue thug to gag to jog to sag to husk ?

bào to hold / to carry (in one's arms) / to hug / to embrace / to surround / to cherish / (coll.) (of clothes) to fit nicely
拥抱 yōng bào to embrace / to hug
lǒu to hug / to embrace / to hold in one's arms
修身 xiū shēn to cultivate one's moral character / (fashion) slim-fit / body-hugging
抱抱 bào bào to hug; to give a cuddle
怀抱 huái bào to hug / to cherish / within the bosom (of the family) / to embrace (also fig. an ideal, aspiration etc)
to hug
搂抱 lǒu bào to hug / to embrace
捧臭脚 pěng chòu jiǎo to hug stinky feet / (fig.) to bootlick
紧抱 jǐn bào to hug / to embrace

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