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Did you mean: to sack to hawk to tack to check to ask to suck to kick to hijack ?

hēi black / dark / sinister / secret / shady / illegal / to hide (sth) away / to vilify / (loanword) to hack (computing)
to hack / to chop / to split open / (of lightning) to strike
hài to astonish / to startle / to hack (computing, loanword)
千刀万剐 qiān dāo wàn guǎ to hack (sb) to pieces (punishment in former times)
zhuó to chop / to hack / to carve wood
帮闲 bāng xián to hang on to and serve the rich and powerful by literary hack work etc
cuò (literary) to fracture (a bone) / (literary) to cut / to hack / variant of 銼|锉[cuo4]
红客 hóng "honker", Chinese hacker motivated by patriotism, using one's skills to protect domestic networks and work in national interest
砍死 kǎn to hack to death / to kill with an ax
侵截 qīn jié to hack (computer)
击刺 to stab / to hack

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