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Did you mean: to take to ease to age to doze to gash to cage to gag to gauge ?

注视 zhù shì to watch attentively / to gaze at
凝视 níng shì to gaze at / to fix one's eyes on
dīng to watch attentively / to fix one's attention on / to stare at / to gaze at
wàng full moon / to hope / to expect / to visit / to gaze (into the distance) / to look towards / towards
青睐 qīng lài (lit.) to fix one's gaze on / (fig.) to show interest in / (favorable) attention / favor
zhān to gaze / to view
青眼 qīng yǎn lit. (to look) with a direct gaze / fig. respect / favor
回望 huí wàng to return sb's gaze; to meet sb's eyes / to look back (to one's rear) / (fig.) to look back at (the past); to reflect on
远望 yuǎn wàng to gaze afar / to look into the distance
望洋兴叹 wàng yáng xīng tàn lit. to gaze at the ocean and lament one's inadequacy (idiom) / fig. to feel powerless and incompetent (to perform a task)
tiào to gaze into the distance
远眺 yuǎn tiào to gaze into the distance
凝望 níng wàng to gaze at / to stare fixedly at
suī to have a deep or piercing gaze
zhǔ to gaze at / to stare at
犯傻 fàn shǎ to be foolish / to play dumb / to gaze absentmindedly
to gaze / to ogle to look at
qióng to gaze in terror / lonely
to long for / to gaze at
望洋 wàng yáng (literary) to gaze in the air
目不斜视 xié shì not to glance sideways (idiom) / to gaze fixedly / to be fully concentrated / to preserve a correct attitude
紧盯 jǐn dīng to gaze / to stare fixedly
凭眺 píng tiào to lean on sth and gaze into the distance
挪开 nuó kāi to move (sth) aside / to step aside / to move over (when sitting on a bench) / to shift (one's gaze)
盯牢 dīng láo to gaze intently at / to scrutinize

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