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Did you mean: to heat to hit to hate to edit to wait to date to death to wet ?

chī to eat / to consume / to eat at (a cafeteria etc) / to eradicate / to destroy / to absorb / to suffer / to stammer (Taiwan pr. for this sense is [ji2])
bǎo to eat till full / satisfied
yòng to use / to employ / to have to / to eat or drink / expense or outlay / usefulness / hence / therefore
xiāng fragrant / sweet smelling / aromatic / savory or appetizing / (to eat) with relish / (of sleep) sound / perfume or spice / joss or incense stick / CL:根[gen1]
shí to eat / food / animal feed / eclipse
cān meal / to eat / classifier for meals
食用 shí yòng to eat; to consume / edible
好吃 hào chī to be fond of eating / to be gluttonous
张口 zhāng kǒu to open one's mouth (to eat, speak etc) / to gape / to start talking (esp. to make a request)
吃饭 chī fàn to have a meal / to eat / to make a living
食道 shí dào esophagus / the proper way to eat / food transportation route
to eat / (extended meaning) to endure / putrid smell / vegetables / roots (inextricably attached to the plant)
内用 nèi yòng to eat in (at a restaurant) (Tw) / to take the medicine orally
打底 to lay a foundation (also fig.) / to make a first sketch / to eat sth before drinking / to apply an undercoat
用餐 yòng cān to eat a meal
shí to nibble away at sth / to eat into / to erode
yòu (literary) to urge sb (to eat or drink)
自食其果 shí guǒ to eat one's own fruit (idiom); fig. suffering the consequences of one's own action / to reap what one has sown
辟谷 to abstain from eating cereals (Taoist practice) / to fast
to eat / evening meal
吃法 chī way of eating / how something is eaten / how a dish is prepared / the way a dish is to be cooked
吃喝玩乐 chī wán to eat, drink and be merry (idiom) / to abandon oneself to a life of pleasure
垫底 diàn to put sth on the bottom / to eat sth to tide oneself over until mealtime / to lay the foundation / to come last in the rankings
进食 jìn shí to take a meal / to eat
偷吃 tōu chī to eat on the sly / to pilfer food / to be unfaithful

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