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Did you mean: to tease to cease tease to take to wash to cause to use to ask ?

缓和 huǎn to ease (tension) / to alleviate / to moderate / to allay / to make more mild
拘束 shù to restrict / to restrain / constrained / awkward / ill at ease / uncomfortable / reticent
放心 fàng xīn to feel relieved / to feel reassured / to be at ease
减轻 jiǎn qīng to lighten / to ease / to alleviate
安心 ān xīn at ease / to feel relieved / to set one's mind at rest / to keep one's mind on sth
放宽 fàng kuān to relax (a rule) / to ease (restrictions) / to extend (a time limit) / to let out (a garment) / to expand / to broaden
shū abundant / ample / at ease / relaxed / to free from / to relieve
舒缓 shū huǎn to ease (tension) / to relax / to cause sth to relax / to alleviate / relaxed / easy and unhurried / leisurely / soothing / mild (slope)
游刃有余 yóu rèn yǒu handling a butcher's cleaver with ease (idiom); to do sth skillfully and easily
疏解 shū jiě to mediate / to mitigate / to ease / to relieve
心神不宁 xīn shén níng to feel ill at ease
趋缓 huǎn to slow down / to ease up / to abate / slowdown / downturn
好受 hǎo shòu feeling better / to be more at ease
润肠 rùn cháng to ease constipation (TCM)
纾解 shū jiě to relieve / to ease (pressure) / to alleviate / to remove / to get rid of
宽心 kuān xīn relieved / comforted / to relieve anxieties / at ease / relaxed / reassuring / happy
朗朗上口 lǎng lǎng shàng kǒu to flow right off the tongue (of lyrics or poetry) / to recite with ease / catchy (of a song)
纳福 to accept a life of ease / to enjoy a comfortable retirement
好逸恶劳 hào láo to love ease and comfort and hate work (idiom)
松绑 sōng bǎng to untie / (fig.) to ease restrictions
轻车熟路 qīng chē shú lit. to drive a lightweight chariot on a familiar road (idiom) / fig. to do sth routinely and with ease / a walk in the park
和缓 huǎn mild / gentle / to ease up / to relax
拘泥 to be a stickler for formalities / to rigidly adhere to / to cling to / constrained / ill at ease
以逸待劳 dài láo to wait at one's ease for the exhausted enemy / to nurture one's strength and bide one's time (idiom)
稳坐钓鱼台 wěn zuò diào tái lit. sitting at ease in a fishing boat despite storms (idiom); to stay calm during tense situation / a cool head in a crisis

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