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Did you mean: to deck to cook to soak to sack to suck to hack to kick to shock ?

接轨 jiē guǐ railtrack connection / to integrate into sth / to dock / to connect / to be in step with / to bring into line with / to align
对接 duì jiē to join up / to dock / a joint (between components)
克扣 kòu to dock / to deduct / to embezzle
断尾 duàn wěi (zoology) (of a lizard etc) to shed its tail; to autotomize its tail / (animal husbandry) to cut the tail short; to dock the tail
截尾 jié wěi to dock; to trim (esp. the tail of an animal)
船到码头,车到站 chuán dào tóu , chē dào zhàn The ship has docked, the carriage has reached the station. / The job is over, it's time to relax. (idiom)

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