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Did you mean: to decoy to deck ?

腐化 huà to rot / to decay / to become corrupt
凋零 diāo líng withered / wilted / to wither / to fade / to decay
shuāi (bound form) to decay; to decline; to wane
陨落 yǔn luò to fall down / to decay / to fall from the sky / to die
蜕变 tuì biàn to transform / to morph / to degenerate / metamorphosis / transmutation / transformation / decay / degeneration
衰败 shuāi bài to decline / to wane / to decay / to deteriorate
tuí to crumble / to collapse / to decline / to decay / decadent / dejected / dispirited / balding
兴亡 xīng wáng to flourish and decay / rise and fall
颓败 tuí bài to decay / to decline / to become corrupt
防龋 fáng to prevent tooth decay / anti-caries
朽蠹 xiǔ to decay and be eaten by worms etc / to overhoard grain so that it rots

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