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Did you mean: to chuck to hack to chew to shock to shuck to deck ?

diǎn point / dot / drop / speck / o'clock / point (in space or time) / to draw a dot / to check on a list / to choose / to order (food in a restaurant) / to touch briefly / to hint / to light / to ignite / to pour a liquid drop by drop / (old) one fifth of a two-hour watch 更[geng1] / dot stroke in Chinese characters / classifier for items
kāi to open / to start / to turn on / to boil / to write out (a prescription, check, invoice etc) / to operate (a vehicle) / carat (gold) / abbr. for Kelvin, 開爾文|开尔文[Kai1 er3 wen2] / abbr. for 開本|开本[kai1 ben3], book format
duì right; correct / towards; at; for / concerning; regarding / to treat (sb a certain way) / to face / (bound form) opposite; facing; matching / to match together; to adjust / to fit; to suit / to answer; to reply / to add; to pour in (a fluid) / to check; to compare / classifier: couple; pair
报到 bào dào to report for duty / to check in / to register
制服 zhì to subdue / to check / to bring under control / (in former times) what one is allowed to wear depending on social status / uniform (army, party, school etc) / livery (for company employees) / CL:套[tao4]
考核 kǎo to examine / to check up on / to assess / to review / appraisal / review / evaluation
对照 duì zhào to contrast / to compare / to place side by side for comparison (as parallel texts) / to check
将军 jiāng jūn general / high-ranking military officer / to check or checkmate / fig. to embarrass / to challenge / to put sb on the spot
托运 tuō yùn to consign (goods) / to check through (baggage)
nest / pit or hollow on the human body / lair / den / place / to harbor or shelter / to hold in check / to bend / classifier for litters and broods
挫折 cuò zhé setback / reverse / check / defeat / frustration / disappointment / to frustrate / to discourage / to set sb back / to blunt / to subdue
制止 zhì zhǐ to curb / to put a stop to / to stop / to check / to limit
遏制 è zhì to check / to contain / to hold back / to keep within limits / to constrain / to restrain
兑现 duì xiàn (of a check etc) to cash / to honor a commitment
查询 chá xún to check / to inquire / to consult (a document etc) / inquiry / query
àn to press / to push / to leave aside or shelve / to control / to restrain / to keep one's hand on / to check or refer to / according to / in the light of / (of an editor or author) to make a comment
查看 chá kàn to look over / to examine / to check up / to ferret out
打卡 (of an employee) to clock on (or off) / to punch in (or out) / (on social media) to check in to a location
chá to research / to check / to investigate / to examine / to refer to / to look up (e.g. a word in a dictionary)
jiào to check; to collate; to proofread
pán plate / dish / tray / board / hard drive (computing) / to build / to coil / to check / to examine / to transfer (property) / to make over / classifier for food: dish, helping / to coil / classifier for coils of wire / classifier for games of chess
pit / stone / nucleus / nuclear / to examine / to check / to verify
kǎo to check / to verify / to test / to examine / to take an exam / to take an entrance exam for / deceased father
核定 dìng to audit and determine / to check and ratify / to appraise and decide / determination / on a deemed basis (taxation) / to deem
点数 diǎn shù to count and check / to tally / points (collected in some bonus scheme etc)

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