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Did you mean: to attack to teach ?

to send / to mail / to entrust / to depend on / to attach oneself to / to live (in a house) / to lodge / foster (son etc)
zhòng heavy / serious / to attach importance to
重视 zhòng shì to attach importance to sth; to value
执着 zhí zhuó to be strongly attached to / to be dedicated / to cling to / (Buddhism) attachment
to add / to attach / to be close to / to be attached
attached to / scribe
(bound form) instructor / (literary) to instruct / to attach / to apply (makeup etc)
to eat / (extended meaning) to endure / putrid smell / vegetables / roots (inextricably attached to the plant)
配属 pèi shǔ troops attached to a unit
相亲 xiāng qīn blind date / arranged interview to evaluate a proposed marriage partner (Taiwan pr. [xiang4 qin1]) / to be deeply attached to each other
外挂 wài guà attached externally (e.g. fuel tank) / plug-in / add-on / special software used to cheat in an online game
隶属 shǔ to belong to (a category) / to be attached to
soul / mortal soul, i.e. attached to the body
挂名 guà míng to attach sb's name to (a role); to go by the title of / nominal; in name only
附带 dài supplementary / incidentally / in parentheses / by chance / in passing / additionally / secondary / subsidiary / to attach
lǎn a kind of tool used to dredge up fish, water plants or river mud, consisting of a net attached to a pair of bamboo poles, which are used to open and close the net / to dredge with such a tool
着床 zhuó chuáng to lie down on a bed / (physiology) implantation (attachment of a blastocyst to the lining of the uterus) / (of an oyster larva) to attach to a substrate / (fig.) to take root / to become established
爱恋 ài liàn in love with / to feel deeply attached to
书馆 shū guǎn teashop with performance by 評書|评书 story tellers / (attached to name of publishing houses) / (in former times) private school / library (of classic texts)
依附 to adhere / to attach oneself to / to append
为重 wéi zhòng to attach most importance to
附设 shè annexed to / attached to / associated
结缘 jié yuán to form ties / to become attached (to sb, sth)
依恋 liàn to be fondly attached to / to not wish to part with / to cling to
脚轮 jiǎo lún caster (attached to the bottom of furniture, trolleys etc)

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