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Did you mean: tissues to issue to sue tijue tishu tiexue tisu ?

组织 zhī to organize / organization / (biology) tissue / (textiles) weave / CL:個|个[ge4]
纸巾 zhǐ jīn paper towel / napkin / facial tissue / CL:張|张[zhang1],包[bao1]
瘀血 xuè clotted blood / extravasated blood (leaking into surrounding tissue) / thrombosis
基质 zhì base solvent (of chemical compound) / stroma (framing biological tissue)
剥离 to peel / to strip / to peel off / to come off (of tissue, skin, covering etc)
结缔组织 jié zhī connective tissue
灼伤 zhuó shāng a burn (tissue damage from heat, chemicals etc) / to burn (the skin etc) / (fig.) (of anger, jealousy etc) to hurt (sb)
hematoma (internal blood clot) / extravasated blood (spilt into surrounding tissue) / contusion
血肿 xuè zhǒng hematoma / swelling of soft tissue due to internal hemorrhage
纵隔 zòng mediastinum (organs and tissues in the thorax between the lungs)
胚层 pēi céng germ layer / layer of tissue in embryology
面纸 miàn zhǐ facial tissue; kleenex
薄纸 báo zhǐ thin paper (tissue paper, onionskin etc)
脑髓 nǎo suǐ brain tissue / gray matter / brain / medulla
còu the tissue between the skin and the flesh
烤电 kǎo diàn diathermia (medical treatment involving local heating of body tissues with electric current)
间充 jiān chōng mesenchymal (tissue, in cell biology)
卫生纸 wèi shēng zhǐ toilet paper / bathroom tissue
导管组织 dǎo guǎn zhī vascular tissue
形成层 xíng chéng céng vascular cambium (layer of tissue responsible for growth inside wood)
抽纸 chōu zhǐ paper tissue (in a box)
海绵体 hǎi mián erectile tissue (genital) / corpus cavernosum
白棉纸 bái mián zhǐ stencil tissue paper
肌肉组织 ròu zhī muscle tissue
脉管组织 mài guǎn zhī vascular tissue

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