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Did you mean: sb scab swap saab sub soap sob sap ?

擦洗 to clean (with water or alcohol) / to wipe and wash / to swab / to scrub
棉签 mián qiān variant of 棉籤|棉签[mian2 qian1] / cotton swab
棉签 mián qiān cotton swab
药棉 yào mián sterilized cotton (used for medical swabs)
棉球 mián qiú cotton ball / swab / tampon
墩布 dūn swab / mop / CL:把[ba3]
棉棒 mián bàng cotton swab / cotton bud
药签 yào qiān medical swab
拭子 shì zi swab / cotton pad / smear (for medical test)
拭抹 shì to swab / to wipe up with a mop
棉花棒 mián huā bàng cotton swab / cotton bud
棉药签 mián yào qiān medical swab

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