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跳跃 tiào yuè to jump / to leap / to bound / to skip
废寝忘食 fèi qǐn wàng shí to neglect sleep and forget about food (idiom) / to skip one's sleep and meals / to be completely wrapped up in one's work
shuā to brush / to paint / to daub / to paste up / to skip class (of students) / to fire from a job
tiào to jump / to hop / to skip over / to bounce / to palpitate
越级 yuè to skip a grade / to bypass ranks / to go over the head of one's boss
略去 lüè to omit / to delete / to leave out / to neglect / to skip over
kuàng to neglect / to skip (class or work) / to waste (time) / vast / loose-fitting
打水漂 shuǐ piāo to skip stones (on water) / (coll.) to squander one's money on a bad investment
逃课 táo to skip class
旷工 kuàng gōng to skip work / absence without leave
翘课 qiào to skip school / to cut class
略过 lüè guò to pass over / to skip
翘班 qiào bān to skip work / to sneak out of work early
跷课 qiāo to skip class
一带而过 dài ér guò to skate around / to skip over / to skimp
三级跳 sān tiào triple jump (athletics) / hop, skip and jump
三级跳远 sān tiào yuǎn triple jump (athletics) / hop, skip and jump

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