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Did you mean: save shave suave shove skive sibie siv ?

dense vegetation / sieve
sieve / to sift, to strain
孔眼 kǒng yǎn hole (e.g. of sieve or colander)
筛子 shāi zi sieve / CL:面[mian4]
罗圈 luó quān round frame of a sieve
sieve-like utensil
滤网 wǎng filter / a sieve
筛法 shāi the sieve method (for primes)
目数 shù (sieve) mesh size; (sandpaper) grit size
shāi to filter / to sift / to sieve
分子筛 fēn shāi molecular sieve
多孔性 duō kǒng xìng porous / having many holes (e.g. filter gauze or sieve)
漏锅 lòu guō colander / strainer / sieve / leaky pot

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