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商店 shāng diàn store / shop / CL:家[jia1],個|个[ge4]
购物 gòu shopping
plank bed / place to sleep / shop / store / (old) relay station
diàn inn / shop / store / CL:家[jia1]
商城 shāng chéng shopping center / department store
酒店 jiǔ diàn wine shop / pub (public house) / hotel / restaurant / (Tw) hostess club
淘宝 Táo bǎo Taobao, a Chinese online shopping website (abbr. for 淘寶網|淘宝网[Tao2 bao3 Wang3])
店铺 diàn store / shop
xīn (used in names of people and shops, symbolizing prosperity)
商铺 shāng shop / store
上门 shàng mén to drop in / to visit / to lock a door / (of a shop) to close / to go and live with one's wife's family, in effect becoming a member of her family
商场 shāng chǎng shopping mall / shopping center / department store / emporium / CL:家[jia1] / the business world
招牌 zhāo pai signboard / shop sign / reputation of a business
店家 diàn jiā proprietor of a shop or restaurant / landlord / shop
字号 hao character size / font size / fame / reputation / shop / name of a shop
导购 dǎo gòu shopper's guide / shop assistant / sales staff
开店 kāi diàn to open shop
中关村 Zhōng guān cūn Zhongguancun neighborhood of Beijing, containing Peking University, famous for electronics shops and bookstores
拎包 līn bāo handbag or shopping bag (dialect)
店主 diàn zhǔ shop owner
网店 wǎng diàn online shop
网购 wǎng gòu Internet shopping / to purchase online
门面 mén mian shop front / facade / CL:間|间[jian1] / prestige
关门 guān mén to close a door / to lock a door / (of a shop etc) to close (for the night, or permanently)
货架 huò jià shelf for goods / shop shelf

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