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Did you mean: sheep sweep ship shop soup sep soap skip ?

渗透 shèn tòu (lit. and fig.) to permeate / to seep into / (of a product, idea etc) to penetrate (in a population) / (of hostile forces) to infiltrate / (chemistry) osmosis
熏陶 xūn táo to seep in / to influence / to nurture / influence / training
tòu (bound form) to penetrate; to seep through / to tell secretly; to leak / thoroughly; through and through / to appear; to show
shèn to seep / to ooze / to horrify
qìn to seep / to percolate
渗出 shèn chū to seep out / to exude
pattering (of rain) / seep through
to seep through
沁入 qìn (usually of sth intangible) to seep into / to permeate
渗流 shèn liú to seep / leakage
漏掉 lòu diào to miss / to leave out / to omit / to be omitted / to be missing / to slip through / to leak out / to seep away

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