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空间 kōng jiān space / room / (fig.) scope / leeway / (astronomy) outer space / (physics, math.) space
范围 fàn wéi range / scope / limit / extent / CL:個|个[ge4]
规模 guī scale / scope / extent / CL:個|个[ge4]
扩大 kuò to expand / to enlarge / to broaden one's scope
幅度 width / extent / range / scope
权限 quán xiàn scope of authority / extent of power / (access etc) privileges
天地 tiān heaven and earth / world / scope / field of activity
眼界 yǎn jiè ken / scope
用武之地 yòng zhī ample scope for abilities / favorable position for the use of one's skills (idiom)
堂而皇之 táng ér huáng zhī overt / to make no secret (of one's presence) / grandiose / with great scope
不外 wài not beyond the scope of / nothing more than
幅员 yuán size (i.e. area) of a country, geographical region or school campus etc / (fig.) scope / extent
畛域 zhěn (formal) boundary / scope
住海边 zhù hǎi biān (fig.) (slang) to stick one's nose in other people's affairs (i.e. the scope of other people's business that one concerns oneself with is as wide as an ocean vista)
授权范围 shòu quán fàn wéi scope of authority / mandate
扩大化 kuò huà to extend the scope / to exaggerate
望远瞄准镜 wàng yuǎn miào zhǔn jìng telescopic sight / scope (on a rifle)
超纲 chāo gāng beyond the scope of the syllabus

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