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Did you mean: shop soup swoop scope soap scoff spoof scaup ?

to carry (hanging down from the hand) / to lift / to put forward / to mention / to raise (an issue) / upwards character stroke / lifting brush stroke (in painting) / scoop for measuring liquid
勺子 sháo zi scoop / ladle / CL:把[ba3]
tāo to fish out (from pocket) / to scoop
to dig / to excavate / to scoop out
一网打尽 wǎng jìn lit. to catch everything in the one net (idiom) / fig. to scoop up the whole lot / to capture them all in one go
开挖 kāi to dig out / to excavate / to scoop out
to crawl / to climb / to scoop up
wān to scoop out / to gouge out
畚箕 běn a bamboo or wicker scoop / dustpan
yǎo to ladle out / to scoop up
(literary) to scoop up; to ladle out / (literary) to draw toward oneself
to cut open / rip up / scoop out
to dig / to scoop out
cuō to pick up (a powder etc) with the fingertips / to scoop up / to collect together / to extract / to gather up / classifier: pinch / Taiwan pr. [cuo4]
捞取 lāo to dredge up; to scoop up from the water / to fish for; to gain (by improper means)
掬水 shuǐ to scoop up water
kuǎi (dialect) to scratch (an itch) / to carry on the arm / to scoop up / Taiwan pr. [kuai1]
水中捞月 shuǐ zhōng lāo yuè lit. to scoop the moon out of the water (idiom) / a hopeless endeavor
舀子 yǎo zi ladle / scoop
箢篼 yuān dōu (dialect) scoop-shaped woven bamboo basket
箢箕 yuān (dialect) scoop-shaped woven bamboo basket
挹取 to ladle out / to scoop up
挹掬 to scoop up water with the hands
杓子 sháo zi scoop
舀水 yǎo shuǐ to ladle water / to scoop up water

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