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Did you mean: safe shave suave shape sava sieve sap shove ?

shěng to save; to economize; to be frugal / to omit; to delete; to leave out / province / provincial capital / a ministry (of the Japanese government)
jié joint; node / (bound form) section; segment / solar term (one of the 24 divisions of the year in the traditional Chinese calendar) / seasonal festival / (bound form) to economize; to save / (bound form) moral integrity; chastity / classifier for segments: lessons, train wagons, biblical verses etc / knot (nautical miles per hour)
jiù to save / to assist / to rescue
保存 bǎo cún to conserve / to preserve / to keep / to save (a file etc) (computing)
节省 jié shěng saving / to save / to use sparingly / to cut down on
储蓄 chǔ to deposit money / to save / savings
zǎn to collect / to hoard / to accumulate / to save
挽救 wǎn jiù to save / to remedy / to rescue
拯救 zhěng jiù to save; to rescue
救援 jiù yuán to save / to support / to help / to assist
节水 jié shuǐ to save water
省钱 shěng qián to save money
解救 jiě jiù to rescue / to help out of difficulties / to save the situation
救命 jiù mìng to save sb's life / (interj.) Help! / Save me!
zhù to store / to save / stockpile / Taiwan pr. [zhu3]
存档 cún dàng to archive; to place on file / saved data (for a video game etc)
要脸 yào liǎn to save sb's face
省去 shěng to omit / to dispense with / to make unnecesary / to save (time, trouble etc)
存储 cún chǔ to store up / to stockpile / (computer) to save / to store / memory / storage
事半功倍 shì bàn gōng bèi half the work, twice the effect (idiom); the right approach saves effort and leads to better results / a stitch in time saves nine
救生 jiù shēng to save a life / life-saving
得救 jiù to be saved
积蓄 to save; to put aside / savings
省却 shěng què to save / to get rid of (so saving space)
节电 jié diàn to save electricity / power saving

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