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Did you mean: no nu nao nun new neo now non ?

nuó to shift / to move
Nuó surname Nuo
nuò to consent / to promise / (literary) yes!
nuó (archaic) many / beautiful / how / old variant of 挪[nuo2]
nuò glutinous rice / sticky rice
nuó elegant / graceful
nuò nobelium (chemistry)
nuó to exorcise demons
nuò (bound form) cowardly; faint-hearted
nuò variant of 糯[nuo4]
nuò variant of 糯[nuo4]
nuò (literary) to hold (in the hand) / to challenge / to provoke
nuò (indicating agreement) yes / all right / (drawing attention to) look! / here! / variant of 諾|诺[nuo4]
nuǒ graceful; frail and petite
nuò archaic variant of 懦[nuo4]

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