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在家 zài jiā to be at home / (at a workplace) to be in (as opposed to being away on official business 出差[chu1chai1]) / (Buddhism etc) to remain a layman (as opposed to becoming a monk or a nun 出家[chu1jia1])
Buddhist nun / (often used in phonetic spellings)
嬷嬷 mo (dialect) elderly lady / wet nurse / Catholic nun
出家 chū jiā to enter monastic life; to become a monk or nun
paternal aunt / husband's sister / husband's mother (old) / nun / for the time being (literary)
修女 xiū nun or sister (of the Roman Catholic or Greek Orthodox churches)
袈裟 jiā shā kasaya (robe of a Buddhist monk or nun) (loanword from Sanskrit)
尼姑 Buddhist nun
nún warm and fragrant
拜忏 bài chàn to hold a daytime Buddhist mass; (of a monk or nun) to read scripture to atone for sb's sins
道姑 dào Daoist nun
圆寂 yuán death / to pass away (of Buddhist monks, nuns etc)
robe of a Buddhist monk or nun
姑子 zi husband's sister / (coll.) Buddhist nun
法衣 robe of a Buddhist priest / ceremonial garment of a Daoist priest / robe of a judge, nun, priest etc / cassock / vestment
削发 xuē to shave one's head / fig. to become a monk or nun / to take the tonsure
僧尼 sēng (Buddhist) monks and nuns
比丘尼 qiū Buddhist nun (loanword from Sanskrit "bhiksuni")
示寂 shì to pass away (of a monk or nun)
出家人 chū jiā rén monk; nun (Buddhist or Daoist)
看破红尘 kàn - hóng chén (idiom) to see through the illusions of the material world (often a precursor to becoming a Buddhist monk or nun); to become disillusioned with human society
重整奥思定会 Zhòng zhěng Ào dìng huì Order of Augustinian Recollects, a mendicant Catholic religious order of friars and nuns

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