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Did you mean: no new know non nou ni noun noh ?

le (completed action marker) / (modal particle indicating change of state, situation now) / (modal particle intensifying preceding clause)
现在 xiàn zài now / at present / at the moment / modern / current / nowadays
xiān beforehand; first; earlier / at first; originally / for the time being; for now / (prefix) my late (in referring to deceased relatives older than oneself)
今天 jīn tiān today / the present time; now
一会儿 huìr a moment / a while / in a moment / now...now... / also pr. [yi1 hui3 r5]
有时 yǒu shí sometimes / now and then
今后 jīn hòu hereafter / henceforth / in the future / from now on
刚才 gāng cái just now / a moment ago
刚才 gāng cái just now (variant of 剛才|刚才[gang1 cai2])
cái ability; talent / sb of a certain type / a capable individual / then and only then / just now / (before an expression of quantity) only
cái (variant of 才[cai2]) just now / (variant of 才[cai2]) (before an expression of quantity) only
眼前 yǎn qián before one's eyes / now / at present
至今 zhì jīn so far / to this day / until now
从此 cóng from now on / since then / henceforth
如今 jīn nowadays; now
此时 shí now / this moment
此刻 this moment / now / at present
不时 shí from time to time / now and then / occasionally / frequently
往后 wǎng hòu from now on / in the future / time to come
now / here / this / time / year
眼下 yǎn xià now; at present / (anatomy) subocular
至此 zhì up until now / so far
迄今为止 jīn wéi zhǐ so far / up to now / still (not)
迄今 jīn so far / to date / until now
这会儿 zhè huìr (coll.) now / this moment / also pr. [zhe4 hui3 r5]

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