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Did you mean: non nine name no now nona nene noun ?

not to have / no / none / not / to lack / un- / -less
do not / there is none who
打酱油 jiàng yóu to buy soy sauce / it's none of my business ("I’m just here to buy some soy sauce")
莫属 shǔ (the 3rd part of a 3-part construction: 非[fei1] + (noun) + 莫屬|莫属, meaning "to be none other than (noun); would have to be (noun)") (this construction comes after a description of a person or thing that has a certain attribute)
wǎng to deceive / there is none / old variant of 網|网[wang3]
首屈一指 shǒu zhǐ to count as number one (idiom); second to none / outstanding
莫不 none doesn't / there is none who isn't / everyone
管不着 guǎn bu zháo to have no right or ability to interfere in sth / it's none of your business!
万金油 wàn jīn yóu Tiger Balm (medicine) / jack of all trades (and master of none)(slang)
三个和尚没水喝 sān shang méi shuǐ lit. three monks have no water to drink (idiom) / fig. everybody's business is nobody's business / (If there is one monk, he will fetch water for himself. If there are two, they will fetch water together. But if there are three or more, none will take it upon himself to fetch water.)
旷世 kuàng shì incomparable / none to compare with at that time
一空 kōng leaving none left / (sold etc) out
全无 quán none / completely without
博而不精 ér jīng extensive but not refined (idiom); to know something about everything / jack-of-all-trades, master of none
寡二少双 guǎ èr shǎo shuāng peerless / second to none (idiom)
无不 none lacking / none missing / everything is there / everyone without exception
关你屁事 guān shì (coll.) None of your goddamn business! / Mind your own business!
雨女无瓜 guā (neologism) (slang) it's none of your business (imitation of an accented pronunciation of 與你無關|与你无关[yu3 ni3 wu2 guan1])

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