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Did you mean: now non ni nu na nao new neo ?

zài again; once more; re- / second; another / then (after sth, and not until then) / no matter how ... (followed by an adjective or verb, and then (usually) 也[ye3] or 都[dou1] for emphasis)
no; not so / (bound form) not; un-
ma (question particle for "yes-no" questions)
(classifier used before a noun that has no specific classifier) / (bound form) individual
是不是 shì shì is or isn't / yes or no / whether or not
只能 zhǐ néng can only / obliged to do sth / to have no other choice
mài to sell / to betray / to spare no effort / to show off or flaunt
不行 xíng won't do / be out of the question / be no good / not work / not be capable
不过 guò only / merely / no more than / but / however / anyway (to get back to a previous topic) / cannot be more (after adjectival)
只有 zhǐ yǒu only have ... / there is only ... / (used in combination with 才[cai2]) it is only if one ... (that one can ...) (Example: 只有通過治療才能痊愈|只有通过治疗才能痊愈[zhi3 you3 tong1 guo4 zhi4 liao2 cai2 neng2 quan2 yu4] "the only way to cure it is with therapy") / it is only ... (who ...) (Example: 只有男性才有此需要[zhi3 you3 nan2 xing4 cai2 you3 ci3 xu1 yao4] "only men would have such a requirement") / (used to indicate that one has no alternative) one can only (do a certain thing) (Example: 只有屈服[zhi3 you3 qu1 fu2] "the only thing you can do is give in")
rèn to assign / to appoint / to take up a post / office / responsibility / to let / to allow / to give free rein to / no matter (how, what etc) / classifier for terms served in office, or for spouses, girlfriends etc (as in 前任男友)
不论 lùn whatever / no matter what (who, how etc) / regardless of / not to discuss
只好 zhǐ hǎo to have no other option but to ...; to have to; to be forced to
不得不 have no choice or option but to / cannot but / have to / can't help it / can't avoid
有的是 yǒu de shì have plenty of / there's no lack of
not to have / no / none / not / to lack / un- / -less
不然 rán not so / no / or else / otherwise / if not / How about ...?
尽力 jìn to strive one's hardest; to spare no effort
抓紧 zhuā jǐn to keep a firm grip on / to pay close attention to / to lose no time in (doing sth)
哪怕 even / even if / even though / no matter how
不管 guǎn not to be concerned / regardless of / no matter
无论 lùn no matter what or how / regardless of whether...
没法儿 méi fǎr (coll.) can't do anything about it / (coll.) there's no way that ...; it's simply not credible that ... / (coll.) couldn't be (better) (i.e. simply wonderful)
无奈 nài to have no alternative / frustrated / exasperated / helpless / (conjunction) but unfortunately
完了 wán le to be finished / to be done for / ruined / gone to the dogs / oh no

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