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Did you mean: nine ni name no new niu now ne ?

niē to hold between the thumb and fingers / to pinch / to mold (using the fingers) / to hold (lit. in one's hand and fig.) / to join together / to fabricate (a story, a report, etc)
niē variant of 捏[nie1]
niè nickel (chemistry)
Niè surname Nie
niè to whisper
niè (literary) alunite (formerly used as a black dye) / (literary) to dye black
niè to fill up or cover up a hole
niè son born of a concubine / disaster / sin / evil
niè shoots from an old stump
niè tweezers / forceps / nippers / pliers / to nip / to pick up with tweezers / to pluck out
niè variant of 涅[nie4]
niè guidepost / rule / standard / limit / target (old)
Niè surname Nie
niè (old) to talk a lot / to talk nonsense / also pr. [zhe2]
niè variant of 孽[nie4]
niè to seize with the hand / to grasp / to advance / to breakdown
nié weary / tired
niè fermenting grain / yeast
niè new shoot growing from cut branch or stump
niè to walk on tiptoe / to walk quietly / to tread (on) / to follow
niè move the mouth as in speaking
niè dangerous
niè old variant of 嚙|啮[nie4]
niè talkative
niè tottering / unsteady

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