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Did you mean: no nie nu na new nai n niu ?

you (informal, as opposed to courteous 您[nin2])
you (Note: In Taiwan, 妳 is used to address females, but in mainland China, it is not commonly used. Instead, 你 is used to address both males and females.)
mud / clay / paste / pulp
contrary / opposite / backwards / to go against / to oppose / to betray / to rebel
to plan to / to draft (a plan) / to imitate / to assess / to compare / pseudo-
doubtful / suspicious / variant of 擬|拟[ni3] / to emulate / to imitate
nihonium (chemistry)
woolen material
Buddhist nun / (often used in phonetic spellings)
surname Ni
(literary) small child / (literary) limit; bound; extremity / (literary) to differentiate / (literary) origin; cause
girl / phonetic "ni" (in female names) / Taiwan pr. [ni2]
familiar / intimate / to approach
greasy / soft / unctuous / intimate / tired of
to hide
to drown / to indulge / addicted to / to spoil (a child)
place name
secondary rainbow
niobium (chemistry)
you (used to address a deity)
used in 旖旎[yi3ni3]
variant of 暱|昵[ni4]
luxuriant (of plants)

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