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Did you mean: now no neo ne know non nei nen ?

xīn new / newly / meso- (chemistry)
新年 xīn nián New Year / CL:個|个[ge4]
春节 Chūn jié Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)
开学 kāi xué (of a student) to start school / (of a semester) to begin / (old) to found a school / the start of a new term
生词 shēng new word (in textbook) / word that is unfamiliar or not yet studied / CL:組|组[zu3],個|个[ge4]
过年 guò nián to celebrate the Chinese New Year
jiù old / opposite: new 新 / former / worn (with age)
创新 chuàng xīn to bring forth new ideas; to blaze new trails / innovation
新型 xīn xíng new type; new kind
更新 gēng xīn to replace the old with new / to renew / to renovate / to upgrade / to update / to regenerate
元旦 Yuán dàn New Year's Day
除夕 Chú lunar New Year's Eve
招生 zhāo shēng to enroll new students / to get students
年前 nián qián by the end of the year / at the end of the year; shortly before New Year
开通 kāi tōng to open (a new road or railway line); to set up (a hotline); to launch (a service); to subscribe to (a members-only service)
新人 xīn rén newcomer / fresh talent / newlywed, esp. new bride / bride and groom / (paleoanthropology) Homo sapiens
出场 chū chǎng (of a performer) to come onto the stage to perform / (of an athlete) to enter the arena to compete / (fig.) to enter the scene (e.g. a new product) / (of an examinee etc) to leave the venue
全新 quán xīn all new; completely new
上市 shàng shì to hit the market (of a new product) / to float (a company on the stock market)
新手 xīn shǒu new hand / novice / raw recruit
新颖 xīn yǐng lit. new bud / fig. new and original
革命 mìng to withdraw the mandate of heaven (and transition to a new dynasty) (original meaning) / revolution / revolutionary / to revolt (against sb or sth) / to revolutionize (sth) / (separable verb sometimes used in the pattern 革noun的命) / CL:次[ci4]
刷新 shuā xīn to renovate / to refurbish / to refresh (computer window) / to write a new page (in history) / to break (a record)
转型 zhuǎn xíng to undergo fundamental change; to transition; to transform / to update (to a new model of product)
新房 xīn fáng brand new house / bridal chamber

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