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神圣 shén shèng divine / hallow / holy / sacred
圣贤 shèng xián a sage / wise and holy man / virtuous ruler / Buddhist lama / wine
三位一体 Sān wèi Holy Trinity / trinity
巡礼 xún to make a pilgrimage (to visit a holy site) / to go on a sightseeing tour
圣经 Shèng jīng the Confucian classics / (Christianity, Judaism) the holy scriptures / CL:本[ben3],部[bu4]
圣杯 shèng bēi Holy Grail
圣地 shèng holy land (of a religion) / sacred place / shrine / holy city (such as Jerusalem, Mecca etc) / center of historic interest
教廷 Jiào tíng the Papacy; the Vatican; the Holy See
圣灵 Shèng líng Holy Ghost / Holy Spirit
陕北 Shǎn běi Shanbei, northern Shaanxi province, including Yulin 榆林 and Yan'an 延安, a Holy Land of Mao's revolution 革命聖地|革命圣地
圣子 Shèng Holy Son / Jesus Christ / God the Son (in the Christian Trinity)
圣洁 shèng jié pure and holy
圣水 shèng shuǐ holy water
圣战 shèng zhàn Holy war / jihad
库姆 Qom (holy city in Iran)
奉若神明 fèng ruò shén míng to honor sb as a God (idiom); to revere / to worship / to deify / to make a holy cow of sth / to put sb on a pedestal
佛牙 Buddha's tooth (a holy relic)
纳杰夫 jié Najaf (city in Iraq, a Shia holy city)
圣礼 shèng Holy sacrament / Christian rite (esp. Protestant) / also called 聖事|圣事 by Catholics
圣者 shèng zhě holy one / saint
圣城 shèng chéng Holy City
圣经贤传 shèng jīng xián zhuàn lit. holy scripture and biography of sage (idiom); refers to Confucian canonical texts
圣迹 shèng holy relic / miracle
圣神 Shèng shén feudal term of praise for ruler, king or emperor / general term for saint in former times / term for God during the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom 太平天國|太平天国 / Holy Spirit (in Christian Trinity)
圣躬 shèng gōng the Emperor's body / Holy body / the current reigning Emperor

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