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ān content / calm / still / quiet / safe / secure / in good health / to find a place for / to install / to fix / to fit / to bring (a charge against sb) / to pacify / to harbor (good intentions) / security / safety / peace / ampere
保健 bǎo jiàn health protection / health care / to maintain in good health
卫生 wèi shēng health / hygiene / sanitation
emptiness / void / abstract theory or guiding principles / empty or unoccupied / diffident or timid / false / humble or modest / (of health) weak / virtual / in vain
wèi to guard / to protect / to defend / abbr. for 衛生|卫生, hygiene / health / abbr. for 衛生間|卫生间, toilet
健康 jiàn kāng health / healthy
身体 shēn the body / one's health / CL:具[ju4],個|个[ge4] / in person
保养 bǎo yǎng to take good care of (or conserve) one's health / to keep in good repair / to maintain / maintenance
养生 yǎng shēng to maintain good health / to raise a child or animal / curing (of concrete etc)
shè to take in / to absorb / to assimilate / to act for / to take a photo / photo shoot / photo / to conserve (one's health)
安康 ān kāng good health
康复 kāng to recuperate / to recover (health) / to convalesce
医疗保健 liáo bǎo jiàn health care
身子 shēn zi body / pregnancy / health
托福 tuō (old) thanks to your lucky influence (polite reply to health inquiries)
调理 tiáo to nurse one's health / to recuperate / to take care of / to look after / to discipline / to educate / to train / to prepare food / (dialect) to make fun of / (medicine) to opsonize
公共卫生 gōng gòng wèi shēng public health
复苏 to recover (health, economic) / to resuscitate / anabiosis
复苏 variant of 復甦|复苏[fu4 su1] / to recover (health, economic) / to resuscitate / anabiosis
疗效 liáo xiào healing efficacy / healing effect
卫生部 Wèi shēng Ministry of Health
乐活 huó LOHAS (lifestyles of health and sustainability)
the more...(the more...) / to recover / to heal / better
variant of 愈[yu4] / to heal
健康状况 jiàn kāng zhuàng kuàng health status
卫生局 wèi shēng health office / bureau of hygiene
封口 fēng kǒu to close up / to heal (of wound) / to keep one's lips sealed
冷暖 lěng nuǎn lit. daily changes of temperature / fig. well-being / sb's comfort, health, prosperity etc
愈合 (of a wound) to heal
血色 xuè color (of one's skin, a sign of good health) / red of cheeks
疗养 liáo yǎng to get well / to heal / to recuperate / to convalesce / convalescence / to nurse
妙手 miào shǒu miraculous hands of a healer / highly skilled person / brilliant move in chess or weiqi (go) 圍棋|围棋
健康保险 jiàn kāng bǎo xiǎn health insurance
世界卫生组织 Shì jiè Wèi shēng zhī World Health Organization (WHO)
亚健康 jiàn kāng suboptimal health status
医术 shù medical expertise / art of healing
强身 qiáng shēn to strengthen one's body / to keep fit / to build up one's health (through exercise, nutrition etc)
医疗护理 liáo health care
疗伤 liáo shāng healing / to heal / to make healthy again
卫生厅 wèi shēng tīng (provincial) health department
养生之道 yǎng shēng zhī dào the way of maintaining good health
早日康复 zǎo kāng Get well soon! / to recover health quickly
虚弱 ruò weak / in poor health
调养 tiáo yǎng to take care of (sb's health) / to nurse
体格检查 jiǎn chá physical examination / clinical examination / health checkup
健康食品 jiàn kāng shí pǐn health food
收口 shōu kǒu to cast off (in knitting) / to sew a finishing hem / to close up (of wound) / to heal
自爱 ài self-respect / self-love / self-regard / regard for oneself / to cherish one's good name / to take good care of one's health
乡村医生 xiāng cūn shēng village doctor (Chinese health care system)
体格 bodily health / one's physical state / physique
救死扶伤 jiù shāng to help the dying and heal the injured
进补 jìn to take a tonic (for one's health)
平复 píng to pacify / to calm down / to be cured / to be healed
抚平 píng to flatten / to smooth down / to unwrinkle / (fig.) to soothe (emotional wounds) / to heal (scars)
世卫 Shì wèi World Health Organization (WHO) / abbr. for 世界衛生組織|世界卫生组织[Shi4 jie4 Wei4 sheng1 Zu3 zhi1]
疗愈 liáo to heal / therapy
神采飞扬 shén cǎi fēi yáng in high spirits (idiom); glowing with health and vigor
五福临门 lín mén lit. (may the) five blessings descend upon this home (namely: longevity, wealth, health, virtue, and a natural death) / (an auspicious saying for the Lunar New Year)
医道 dào art of healing / medical skill
健身馆 jiàn shēn guǎn a gym (health center)
神采奕奕 shén cǎi in glowing spirits (idiom); bursting with life / radiating health and vigor
世卫组织 Shì wèi zhī World Health Organization (WHO) / abbr. for 世界衛生組織|世界卫生组织[Shi4 jie4 Wei4 sheng1 Zu3 zhi1]
养伤 yǎng shāng to heal a wound / to recuperate (from an injury)
爱国卫生运动委员会 Ài guó Wèi shēng Yùn dòng Wěi yuán huì Patriotic Health Committee
请安 qǐng ān to pay respects / to wish good health / in Qing times, a specific form of salutation (see also 打千[da3 qian1])
养病 yǎng bìng to recuperate / to convalesce / to take care of one's health after illness
无恙 yàng in good health
健保 Jiàn bǎo National Health Insurance (Tw)
医家 jiā healer / physician / medical man / doctor (esp. of TCM)
虚不受补 shòu a person who is in poor health cannot handle sth so strong as a tonic
弱不禁风 ruò jīn fēng too weak to stand up to the wind (idiom); extremely delicate / fragile state of health
厚生劳动省 Hòu shēng Láo dòng shěng Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (Japan)
药师经 yào shī jīng Healing sutra / Bhaisajyaguru sutra
补法 treatment involving the use of tonics to restore the patient's health / reinforcing method (in acupuncture)
补养 yǎng to take a tonic or nourishing food to build up one's health
性健康 xìng jiàn kāng sexual health
卫生官员 wèi shēng guān yuán health official
精神焕发 jīng shén huàn in high spirits (idiom); glowing with health and vigor
身体是革命的本钱 shēn shì mìng de běn qián lit. the body is the revolution's capital / fig. good health is a prerequisite for work (Mao Zedong's saying)
卫生署 wèi shēng shǔ health bureau (or office, or department, or agency)
药补 yào medicinal dietary supplement that helps build up one's health
精神健康 jīng shén jiàn kāng mental health
爱卫会 Ài Wèi Huì Patriotic Health Committee, abbr. of 愛國衛生運動委員會|爱国卫生运动委员会[Ai4 guo2 Wei4 sheng1 Yun4 dong4 Wei3 yuan2 hui4]
赔上 péi shàng to pay for sth with the loss of (one's health etc) / to have sth come at the cost of (one's reputation etc)
to heal
抱病 bào bìng to be ill / to be in bad health
好了伤疤忘了疼 hǎo le shāng wàng le téng to forget past pains once the wound has healed (idiom)
方术 fāng shù arts of healing, divination, horoscope etc / supernatural arts (old)
健康受损 jiàn kāng shòu sǔn health damage
世界卫生大会 Shì jiè Wèi shēng huì World Health Assembly
欢蹦乱跳 huān bèng luàn tiào glowing with health and vivacity (idiom)
调摄 tiáo shè to nurse to health / to recuperate
精神疗法 jīng shén liáo psychotherapy / mental health treatment
全民健保 Quán mín Jiàn bǎo National Health Insurance (Tw) (abbr. for 全民健康保險|全民健康保险[Quan2 min2 Jian4 kang1 Bao3 xian3])
chōu to convalesce / to recover / to heal
健诊 jiàn zhěn check-up (health, car safety, environment etc)
贫病交加 pín bìng jiāo jiā poverty compounded by ill health (idiom)
弥合 to cause a wound to close up and heal
回锅油 huí guō yóu to use the same oil repeatedly for deep frying (a possible health hazard)
全复 quán completely / totally recovered / healed

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