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to drag / to haul
拖拽 tuō to pull / to drag / to haul
远航 yuǎn háng to travel a great distance by sea or air / voyage / long-haul flight
拖曳 tuō to pull / to drag / to haul
剥皮 bāo to skin; to flay; to peel / (fig.) (coll.) to haul (sb) over the coals / also pr. [bo1 pi2]
纤夫 qiàn burlak (barge hauler)
拖拉 tuō to drag along / to haul / (fig.) to procrastinate / shilly-shallying / sluggish / (computing) drag and drop / (loanword) tola, unit of weight, approx. 11.664 grams
远途 yuǎn long-distance / long-haul

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