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Did you mean: hall hole hale hala hali haluo hill hell ?

yùn dizzy / halo / ring around moon or sun
光环 guāng huán halo / ring of light
光圈 guāng quān aperture / diaphragm / halo / aureole
光晕 guāng yùn halo / (photography) halation
灵光 líng guāng divine light (around the Buddha) / a halo / a miraculous column of light / (slang) jolly good!
华盖 huá gài imperial canopy (e.g. domed umbrella-like roof over carriage) / aureole / halo
圆光 yuán guāng radiance emanating from the head / halo
风圈 fēng quān ring around the moon / lunar halo / solar halo
月晕 yuè yùn ring around the moon / lunar halo
月阑 yuè lán the halo of the moon
日月晕 yuè yùn halo / ring of light around the sun or moon

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