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喘气 chuǎn to breathe deeply; to pant; to gasp / to take a breather; to catch one's breath
短促 duǎn short in time / fleeting / brief / gasping (breath) / curt (tone of voice)
chuǎn to gasp / to pant / asthma
喘息 chuǎn to gasp for breath / to take a breather
气喘吁吁 chuǎn to pant / to gasp for breath
叹息 tàn to sigh; to gasp (in admiration)
惊叹 jīng tàn to exclaim in admiration / a gasp of surprise
奄奄一息 yǎn yǎn dying / at one's last gasp
叹为观止 tàn wéi guān zhǐ (idiom) to gasp in amazement / to acclaim as the peak of perfection
气喘 chuǎn to gasp for breath / asthma
气咻咻 xiū xiū to pant / to gasp for breath
叹服 tàn (to gasp) with admiration
残喘 cán chuǎn remaining breath / last gasp
长吁短叹 cháng duǎn tàn long moan and short gasp (idiom); continually moaning and groaning in pain
吁吁 to pant / to gasp for breath
气吁吁 to pant / to gasp for breath
咨嗟 jiē to gasp (in admiration) / to sigh
上气不接下气 shàng jiē xià out of breath (idiom) / to gasp for air
不死不休 xiū to fight to one's last gasp
倒吸一口凉气 dào kǒu liáng to gasp (with amazement or shock etc) / to feel a chill run down one's spine / to have one's hairs stand on end
倒抽一口气 dào chōu kǒu to gasp (in surprise, dismay, fright etc)

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