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差距 chā disparity / gap
间隔 jiàn gap / interval / compartment / to divide / to separate / to leave a gap of (two weeks, three meters etc)
diàn pad / cushion / mat / to pad out / to fill a gap / to pay for sb / to advance (money)
缺口 quē kǒu nick / jag / gap / shortfall
空隙 kòng crack / gap between two objects / gap in time between two events
jiàn gap / to separate / to thin out (seedlings) / to sow discontent
dàng official records / grade (of goods) / file / records / shelves / slot / gap / crosspiece / classifier for crosspieces / classifier for events, affairs etc / Taiwan pr. [dang3]
漏洞 lòu dòng leak / hole / gap / loophole
无间 jiàn very close / no gap between them / continuously / unbroken / hard to separate / indistinguishable
间断 jiàn duàn disconnected / interrupted / suspended / a gap / a break
风口 fēng kǒu air vent / drafty place / wind gap (geology) / tuyere (furnace air nozzle)
间隙 jiàn interval / gap / clearance
填补 tián to fill a gap / to fill in a blank (on a form) / to overcome a deficiency
补足 to bring up to full strength / to make up a deficiency / to fill (a vacancy, gap etc)
断层 duàn céng fault (geology) / CL:道[dao4],個|个[ge4] / (fig.) gap / rupture (in the transmission of some skill) / (tomography) cross-sectional
口子 kǒu zi hole / opening / cut / gap / gash / my husband or wife / classifier for people (used for indicating the number of people in a family etc) / precedent
裂痕 liè hén crack / gap / split
死角 jiǎo gap in coverage / gap in protection or defenses / neglected or overlooked area / dead end
鸿沟 hóng gōu (fig.) gulf / chasm / wide gap / (originally) the Hong Canal in Henan, which in ancient times formed the border between enemies Chu 楚 and Han 漢|汉
牙缝 fèng gap between teeth
亲密无间 qīn jiān close relation, no gap (idiom); intimate and nothing can come between
代沟 dài gōu generation gap
裂隙 liè gap / slit / crack / crevice / fracture
crack / crevice / gap or interval / loophole / discord / rift
突破口 kǒu breach / gap / breakthrough point

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