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Did you mean: dish dashi dashu days das dasha dasi desk ?

chōng (of water) to dash against / to mix with water / to infuse / to rinse / to flush / to develop (a film) / to rise in the air / to clash / to collide with
chuǎng to rush / to charge / to dash / to break through / to temper oneself (through battling hardships)
冲刺 chōng (sports) to sprint; to spurt; to dash / to put in a big effort to achieve a goal as the deadline approaches
to dash / to move forward quickly / to bulge / to protrude / to break through / to rush out / sudden / Taiwan pr. [tu2]
奋不顾身 fèn shēn to dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety (idiom); undaunted by dangers / regardless of perils
激荡 dàng to rage / to dash / to surge
激荡 dàng to rage / to dash / to surge / also written 激盪|激荡
gàng coffin-bearing pole (old) / thick pole; bar; rod / thick line / to mark with a thick line / to sharpen (a knife, razor etc) / to get into a dispute with / standard; criterion / hyphen; dash
飞奔 fēi bēn to dash (run fast) / to rush / to dart
锐气 ruì acute spirit / dash / drive
破折号 zhé hào dash / Chinese dash ── (punct., double the length of the western dash)
猛劲儿 měng jìnr to dash / to put on a spurt / to redouble efforts
中控面板 zhōng kòng miàn bǎn center dash console / central dashboard
代字号 dài hào swung dash / tilde (~)
吃霸王餐 chī wáng cān to dine and dash / to leave without paying
愣劲儿 lèng jìnr dash / pep / vigor
率尔操觚 shuài ěr cāo to compose in off-hand way (idiom); to dash off
百米赛跑 bǎi sài pǎo 100-meter dash
冲打 chōng (of waves, rain etc) to dash against / to batter
逃单 táo dān to dine and dash; (by extension) to avoid paying a bill

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