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杯子 bēi zi cup / glass / CL:個|个[ge4],隻|只[zhi1]
耳朵 ěr duo ear / CL:隻|只[zhi1],個|个[ge4],對|对[dui4] / handle (on a cup)
wǎn bowl / cup / CL:隻|只[zhi1],個|个[ge4]
pěng to clasp / to cup the hands / to hold up with both hands / to offer (esp. in cupped hands) / to praise / to flatter
斟酌 zhēn zhuó to consider / to deliberate / to fill up a cup to the brim
bēi cup / trophy cup / classifier for certain containers of liquids: glass, cup
bēi variant of 杯[bei1] / trophy cup / classifier for certain containers of liquids: glass, cup
zhōng handleless cup / goblet / to concentrate / variant of 鐘|钟[zhong1]
dǒu dry measure for grain equal to ten 升[sheng1] or one-tenth of a 石[dan4] / decaliter / peck / cup or dipper shaped object / old variant of 陡[dou3]
liāo to lift up (sth hanging down) / to raise (hem of skirt) / to pull up (sleeve) / to sprinkle (water with cupped hands)
大白 bái to be revealed / to come out (of the truth) / chalk (for whitening walls) / (old) wine cup / (neologism c. 2021) healthcare worker or volunteer in full-body PPE (esp. during the COVID-19 pandemic) (from the 2014 Disney version of the Marvel Comics character Baymax, whose Chinese name is 大白)
欧洲杯 Ōu zhōu bēi European Cup (e.g. soccer)
gǒng to cup one's hands in salute / to surround / to arch / to dig earth with the snout / arched
银联 Yín Lián UnionPay / CUP
奖杯 jiǎng bēi trophy cup
zhǎn a small cup / classifier for lamps
茶杯 chá bēi teacup / tea-glass / cup / mug / CL:隻|只[zhi1]
世界杯 Shì jiè bēi World Cup
亚洲杯 zhōu bēi Asian Cup
亚洲杯 zhōu bēi Asian Cup
干杯 gān bēi to drink a toast / Cheers! (proposing a toast) / Here's to you! / Bottoms up! / lit. dry cup
纸杯 zhǐ bēi paper cup
足协杯 xié bēi Chinese Football Association Cup / soccer association cup
中国银联 Zhōng guó Yín lián China UnionPay (CUP), China's only domestic bank card organization
茶余饭后 chá fàn hòu leisure time (over a cup of tea, after a meal etc)

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