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Did you mean: shop chip chap cop ship coop cup copy ?

kǎn to chop / to cut down / to throw sth at sb
to hack / to chop / to split open / (of lightning) to strike
zhǎn to behead (as form of capital punishment) / to chop
排骨 pái pork chop / pork cutlet / spare ribs / (coll.) skinny person
duò to chop up (meat etc) / to chop off (sb's hand etc)
丁丁 zhēng zhēng sound of chopping wood, chess pieces hitting the board etc
zhēng to evaporate / (of cooking) to steam / torch made from hemp stalks or bamboo (old) / finely chopped firewood (old)
葱花 cōng huā chopped onion
印章 yìn zhāng seal / signet / chop / stamp / CL:方[fang1]
斩断 zhǎn duàn to cut off / to chop sth in half
羊排 yáng pái lamb chop
砧板 zhēn bǎn chopping board or block
猪排 zhū pái pork ribs / pork chop
砍树 kǎn shù to chop wood / to chop down trees
案板 àn bǎn kneading or chopping board
斩钉截铁 zhǎn dīng jié tiě lit. to chop the nail and slice the iron (idiom) / fig. resolute and decisive / unhesitating / categorical
腰斩 yāo zhǎn to chop sb in half at the waist (capital punishment) / to cut sth in half / to reduce sth by a dramatic margin / to terminate / to cut short
zhá lever-style guillotine / to chop using this type of guillotine
砍断 kǎn duàn to chop off
劈柴 chái to chop firewood / to split logs
劈柴 chái chopped wood / firewood
zhuó to chop / to hack / to carve wood
zhuó to chop / to carve wood
finely chopped meat or vegetables / powdered or fragmentary
切碎 qiē suì to chop

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