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锲而不舍 qiè ér shě to chip away at a task and not abandon it (idiom); to chisel away at sth / to persevere / unflagging efforts
芯片 xīn piàn computer chip / microchip
碎片 suì piàn chip; fragment; splinter; tatter
chóu chip (in gambling); token (for counting); ticket / to prepare; to plan; to raise (funds) / resource; way; means
晶片 jīng piàn chip / wafer
觥筹交错 gōng chóu jiāo cuò wine goblets and gambling chips lie intertwined / to drink and gamble together in a large group (idiom) / a big (drinking) party
筹码 chóu bargaining chip; gaming chip; casino token
薯片 shǔ piàn fried potato chips
薯条 shǔ tiáo french fries / french fried potatoes / chips
硅片 guī piàn silicon chip
木片 piàn flat piece of wood / wood chip / CL:塊|块[kuai4],片[pian4]
蓝筹股 lán chóu blue chip stock
茌平 Chí píng Chiping county in Liaocheng 聊城[Liao2 cheng2], Shandong
玉米片 piàn cornflakes / tortilla chips
dented / chipped / gap-toothed / toothless
赛扬 Sài yáng Celeron (an Intel chip)
判读 pàn to interpret (a visual document, a medical exam, an historical event etc) / to analyze data (from a chip, a black box etc)
裂片 liè piàn splinter / chip / tear (split in a surface) / lobe
握有 yǒu to have; to hold (usu. sth abstract: power, distribution rights, a bargaining chip etc)
马子 zi bandit; brigand / gambling chip / chamber pot / (slang) girl; chick; babe
红筹股 hóng chóu red chip stocks (Chinese company stocks incorporated outside mainland China and listed in the Hong Kong stock exchange)
单片机 dān piàn microcontroller / one-chip computer
趣多多 duō duō Chips Ahoy! (brand)
码子 zi number (e.g. page or house number) / numeral (e.g. Arabic or Chinese numeral) / code sign / plus or minus sound / counter / chip (e.g. in gambling games) / price tag / ready cash at one's disposal (old)
场区 chǎng (sports) section of a court or playing field / (computer chip manufacture) field area

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