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zhǎng chief / head / elder / to grow / to develop / to increase / to enhance
shuài (bound form) commander-in-chief / (bound form) to lead; to command / handsome; graceful; dashing; elegant / (coll.) cool!; sweet! / (Chinese chess) general (on the red side, equivalent to a king in Western chess)
shǒu head / chief / first (occasion, thing etc) / classifier for poems, songs etc
书记 shū ji secretary (chief official of a branch of a socialist or communist party) / clerk / scribe
首要 shǒu yào the most important / of chief importance
tóu head / hair style / the top / end / beginning or end / a stub / remnant / chief / boss / side / aspect / first / leading / classifier for pigs or livestock / CL:個|个[ge4]
首席 shǒu chief (representative, correspondent etc)
hegemon / tyrant / lord / feudal chief / to rule by force / to usurp / (in modern advertising) master
主将 zhǔ jiàng commander-in-chief (military) / star player (sports) / key figure (in an organization)
上将 shàng jiàng general / admiral / air chief marshal
龙头 lóng tóu faucet; tap / bicycle handlebar / chief; boss (esp. of a gang) / (referring to a company) leader; front-runner / figurehead on the prow of a dragon boat 龍船|龙船[long2 chuan2]
统帅 tǒng shuài command / commander-in-chief
部长 zhǎng head of a (government etc) department / section chief / section head / secretary / minister / CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4],名[ming2]
局长 zhǎng bureau chief / CL:位[wei4],個|个[ge4]
主编 zhǔ biān editor in chief
kuí chief / head / outstanding / exceptional / stalwart
头头 tóu tóu head / chief
霸主 zhǔ a powerful chief of the princes of the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC) / overlord / hegemon
主帅 zhǔ shuài (military) commander-in-chief / (sports) team manager / coach
村长 cūn zhǎng village chief / village head
正职 zhèng zhí main job / day job / steady full-time job (as opposed to temporary or casual) / chief or principal post (as opposed to deputy)
首领 shǒu lǐng head; boss; chief
处长 chù zhǎng department head / section chief
老将 lǎo jiàng lit. old general / commander-in-chief 將帥|将帅, the equivalent of king in Chinese chess / fig. old-timer / veteran
区长 zhǎng district chief

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